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About us
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  VESTEL is among the top 10 best known and prestigious brands of Turkey. We are offering our products to millions of consumers through our strong commercial structure managed by proactive strategies allowing us to have a market share both in the domestic and foreign markets. Being the export champion in the electronics industry for 19 years and increasing the number of countries for export to 154 in 2016, Vestel ranks in top three of LCD TV production, and in top ten of white goods production in Europe.

VESTEL是土耳其十大知名品牌之一. 我们通过强大的商业销售渠道向数百万消费者提供产品,通过积极的销售策略,使我们的产品在国内外市场占有一席之地.作为电子行业19年的出口冠军,到2016年时我们的出口国家数量已增加到154个,Vestel在液晶电视产品生产排名前三甲,是欧洲白色家电十强生产企业 .


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